Local Roots Market & Cafe / 2021

Design & Illustration


Local Roots by Wen-Jay Ying is a DTC company bringing hyper-local fresh produce to New Yorkers, and in 2021 Ying opened up Local Roots Market & Cafe in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The cafe features a selection of fresh pastries and snacks such as house-made scallion pancakes, tea eggs, fan tuans, as well as more hearty dishes drawn from Ying's Chinese American background, such as Zha Jiang and vegan Mapo Tofu. Being big on local, the menu sources 90% of ingredients directly from Local Roots partnering farms and artisans.

Local Roots already had an established branding, and I was invited to create designs for the cafe's menu.

The menu itself is split into three main parts: a foreword page, an eats menu, and a smaller drinks menu. I created illustrations of the dishes and ingredients that could be recycled for future contents, and they are sprinkled throughout the menu as well. Consistent with Local Roots' branding as well as the cafe's architectural space, the design is clean but also playful and down to earth.