I am a 24-year-old who was born and raised in Aotearoa. I lived in China, England, New York, and am currently studying for a Graphic Design MFA at Rhode Island School of Design.

In my spare time I partake in generic human hobbies such as listening to music and watching movies. I'm an avid Citibiker and bread eater who enjoys making prolonged eye contact with cats on the street. Looking for my resume? You can download it here.

other random things I've been into lately:

A game that does, in fact, live up to its reputation.

This (very designed) door handle catalogue.

My dog Bean being so proud for her first large branch management position.

My dog Creme in a cow costume.

My first ever screenprints!

The largest insect I have ever had the luck of witnessing, the majestic wētāpunga.

This sheep I saw on a hike.

The cutest Kererū bird.

A cute happy album :-)

Big sheep house.

So good!

Soft & Warm by Voxtrot!