NYU Class Activities Board / 2018-2020

Creative direction & Design


During my junior and senior year at NYU, I was the VP of Public Relations & marketing of the Class of 2020 Activities Board (CAB). CAB essentially provides programming for all the members of its class across all schools, and my role was to design and create marketing materials for these events for social media.

Graphics I designed include 100 Nights Before Commencement, 50 Seniors in 50 Nights, Senior Exhibition and so on.

I actually got to create designs for Class of 2019's Senior Week, and their theme was very specific: The iconic NYC Pizza Rat, but in space. So I took pizza rat on an adventure, imagining him sipping champagne and going to baseball games while floating around in the cosmos, just having a good time.

My time at CAB was when I first started exploring different design styles, and evidently a lot of my designs were inspired by what I saw on Pinterest and Instagram. This pizza rat series is maybe one of the last times I designed without the influence of social media design, genuinely just having plain silly fun doodling and designing. Without a doubt, my designs have matured and changed a lot from what design meant to me back then—not necessarily a good or bad thing, but looking back at this design always makes me feel nostalgic for this reason.