Send Chinatown Love / 2020-now



Send Chinatown Love (SCL) is a non-profit organization ran entirely by volunteers. Founded in March 2020 due to the mistreatment of Asian communities during the COVID pandemic and its negative impact on Chinatown, SCL’s mission is to create revenue streams and build relationships to provide financial relief to Chinatown merchants. To date, SCL has raised over $1 million for Chinatown and donated almost 30,000 meals to Chinatown elders.

It was incredibly painful watching many of my favourite Chinatown businesses shutter doors due to the Pandemic. I was itching to help but didn't know where to start, so when I found out Send Chinatown Love existed, I immediately asked to join the team. My role in SCL as a designer is mainly to support the social media team by creating graphics for Instagram and emails following the SCL brand guide. I also worked with SCL on other projects such as the Send Chinatown Love Letters zine, and I'm currently working on their 2020 Annual Report.