Send Chinatown Love Letters Zine / 2021

Art direction & Design


This zine is a celebration of Chinatown’s perseverance through the Covid Pandemic. I worked with Send Chinatown Love to publish this zine—a community-sourced collection of essays, recipes, photographs, illustrations and more, all dedicated to NYC’s Chinatowns from over 50 contributors. The zine is currently being carried by both New York and Los Angeles stockists, raising over $11,000 with 100% of the proceeds going directly to providing need-based financial assistance and business improvement services for small AAPI merchants that continue to recover from adverse effects of COVID-19.

As the art director and lead designer, I designed the layouts for the entire zine with Nat Belkov as the Creative director and Editor-in-chief. I loved working on this zine—witnessing so much outpour of love and support for Chinatown is an awe-inspiring feeling I cannot describe through words. I’m so incredibly happy and honored to have worked on this project.

You can see the Thank You post card and other projects I did for Send Chinatown Love here.