NYU Senior Week / 2020

Creative direction & Design


Senior Week is an NYU tradition held every year for matriculating seniors. It consists of a week of events and celebrations, ending with a big ball leading up to graduation. As the VP of marketing of the Class of 2020 Activities Board, I was tasked with designing and creating all marketing materials for 2020's Senior Week.

I had a lot of freedom design-wise at NYU—as long as there was nothing inappropraite, everything pretty much gets approved without much revision. For this design, I ditched the traditional themes and went experimental. At the time, I was really interested in exploring all the trends in graphic design, and so the result is definitely a reflection of that. Looking back now, there was maybe too much going on as I wanted to incorporate everything. But I do like how it looks now as a representation of me in my final college year: a coagulation of unsatiated yearning and a wavering, unrefined bluntness.